selected visual effects work.

five years as a VFX artist at a fallen post-house called Universal Images. producing/supervising via Unit Circle Productions, LTD. before, during and since.

ART OF WAR :: [unused promo] from UNiT CiRCLE on Vimeo.

[2012] Saving Lincoln. Directed by Salvador Litvak, produced through Lane Street Pictures. An experimental historical drama about Abraham Lincoln and his bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon. Shot entirely on greenscreen, with backgrounds derived from authentic Civil War era photographs. From the start I helped design a style and process for that vision in pre-vis, serving as Visual Effects Supervisor (and 2nd Unit Director) on-set in LA and then hired a small team of local artists to deliver over 100 final shots from Detroit. Featuring VFX from Unit Circle Productions, Academy of Art University, and a host of mercenary artists spanning the globe. 

[2009] Art of War. History Channel Special. written/directed by David Padrusch. A critical examination of three major battles in American military history seen through the teachings of legendary tactician Sun Tzu. An incredible team under Christopher Wirth pulled this off at a breakneck pace, and earned Universal Images the first Detroit AdCrafters Best-In-Show Award in 96 years to come to a post-house and not an ad agency. I personally led the Ming Dynasty intro and Tet Offensive sequences, and edited this promo. 

[2010] Official Music Video for Insane Clown Posse's 'Miracles'. Over 14.3 million YouTube views and meticulously parodied on Saturday Night Live. I helped lead the Design/VFX team with broad creative freedom to illustrate the lyrics as we all saw fit. Greenscreen footage shot by Robert Gammons. Edited by Adam Pillon.  

[2011] An outdated but as-yet-unreplaced VFX Reel.