installations + VJ work. 

projection-mapping art exhibits and live VJ performances as creative director at New D Media with founder/CEO Gabriel Hall AKA Vger the VJ.  

[2009-2014] NewDemo Compilation that chronicles the last five years of this work.

[2013-2014] 'PERALUX' – Animated Sculptural Installation for the finale of the 'WATCH ME MOVE' exhibit @ the Detroit Institute of Arts, commissioned by the Museum to help represent a future of animation. 
[co-directed/designed with Gabriel Hall], PERALUX lived @ the DIA from October 2013 – January 2014, and it will rise again this ARTPRIZE (Sept 24th - Oct 12th 2014) at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI. 

[2012] Full-length edition of 'Knowledge Is Power' - a live, interactive blend of music and projection-mapping visuals encompassing the entire front facade and lawn of the DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY, as a centerpiece of the 2012 Dlectricity Festival on October 5th-6th, 2012. The phrase "Knowledge Is Power" is carved in marble above the main entrance of the Library, and this installation is an exploration and meditation on that theme. Co-designed/directed with Gabriel Hall, lighting by Gabe Rice, and an original score by Audra Kubat ft. 'Lens' by Octiv. Shot and co-edited by DP Logan Siegel.

[2014] LIGHTWAVE debut. Live VJ performance, conducted by creative director Kristian Hansen @ SXSW combining live bioreactive data visualizations generated from the crowd with 2k footage shot all over the U.S. by DP Alexandre Naufel

[2011] The second year we designed, mapped and performed  the Underground Stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival. in Hart Plaza, Detroit. DP : Gerard Victor.

[2012] TL;DR edition. Condensed 3-minute edit of 'Knowledge Is Power'.