selected short films, music videos, promo, experiments, etc. All shot/edited solo except where noted. credits can be found via vimeo descriptions.

[2013-2014] Documentary memoirs of Jeffrey Montgomery, an uncompromising civil rights activist from Detroit who transformed personal tragedy into fighting spirit, facing danger and adversity to leave a lasting impact on the gay rights movement. This short screened at the 2014 Cinetopia Int'l Film Festival, and is currently being expanded into a feature-length documentary.

[2013] Official Music Video for singer/songwriter Audra Kubat, from her upcoming sixth album. Nominated for 'Best Music Video (under $10k) at the 2014 Detroit Music Awards. This video was shot on 3 days over 3 different seasons, each to capture a fleeting moment in nature to emphasize that nothing is permanent.

[2008] The Second Annual D Show Awards Open. This debuted at the Max M. Fischer Music Hall stage on a trio of projection screens, thus the triptych design. Some images have been adjusted to fill the frame here.


[2011] This short was made to answer the question 'What's Next?' in human spaceflight, posed by the Coalition for Space Exploration in an online contest. I combined my own footage shot at the final space shuttle landing [STS-135, Atlantis 7/21/2011], with original animation and archival NASA footage.

WARRIORS Hockey :: [montage] from UNiT CiRCLE on Vimeo.

[2011] Early assembly edit of a Warriors Hockey Gear commercial. DP : Mike Berlucchi

[2005-2015] Feature length, 1930s Detroit Adventure-Comedy under construction. Co-written/directed with Thomas Horvath. A fictional story about true events that never happened.